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Introduction to Financial Webpages .

We all dream of financial success , financial independence and a worry free future from debt .

Those financial goals could be closer to reality than you might realize .

It's not a question of how much money you have or how much money you make but rather what you do with that money .
I personally lived through some hard lessons about finance .

Not from not knowing what I wasn't doing , but rather from being vulnerable from unforeseen events .
A perfect example was the Crash of 2008 and all was going great and I decided to invest into the Stock Market the summer of 2008 .
I did my research and the company I was going to invest in had a very promising future and I was looking at making 10 fold my investment .

Three events changed all of that .

The company I invested in was a Canadian company but established in a foreign country . In that country , one out of every one hundred business transactions is randomly investigated . It was a procedure that took 60 days and unfortunately in those 60 days that's when the Crash of 2008 occurred which would be the second event .
The third event was the company had no cash flow , all the capital was from investors and as soon as the Crash of 2008 occurred , the investors pulled out . I was down to 5% from my original investment yet I somehow regained 50% of my money within 48 hours of buying and reselling the stock and pulled out . My associate kept at it for a few more days and eventually ended with 1% of his original investment , $10k out of $1,000,000 , that's a BIG OUCH !

So , even though something is a for sure thing , unforeseen events can occur and do occur that can alter the outcome of what is expected . What can be done to minimize the risks or the losses ?

For one thing " Never invest what you cannot afford to lose ! " Some simple things can save you lots of money and also make your money work for you . For example , my Father in the early 1970's had a 25 year mortgage at a low interest rate .
Then by the 1980 the interest rates had shot up to above 15% , so rather than paying off the mortgage quickly , he set aside the extra income in a savings account and collected the difference in interest which he was getting double of what he was paying on the mortgage .

Simple math with the very same amount of money and " Voila ! " , you make a profit .

When is comes to finance and financial success , Math is your best tool and best friend .

One thing that I should point out before I forget and I have found to be a tid bit of valuable
information that someone conveyed to me ,
is the fact that if a person owes nothing on what they own ,
that would make you a rich person .

No matter how little or how big the assets a person owns
because no one can take it away from you if owe nothing on it .

Here's Another Thought !

Have a look at the image on the left .
It's a receipt from Canadian Tire and they
always state a savings portion of the statement .

In this case it was a savings of $237.00

If you were going to purchase those items
regardless if they were on sale or not , then
that money that you did actually save
could be put into purchasing some stocks .

So imagine doing this with every dollar you save
doing the course of a year or several years !
Especially if those stocks pay dividends !!

Which brings me to the subject of " Wealth " .

To me " Wealth " is for more important than being rich .
Wealth can be defined as having enough money to sustain a lifestyle
for the rest of your life .
So , if you reside in a modest home , have hobbies , a low cost lifestyle and
everything is all paid for without any debts , that would be an ideal
way to live and be wealthy !

Which brings me to another food for thought saying .
" I strive to have a life that I do not need a vacation from ! "

More to come .

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